Dr. Yean Young’s mission is to provide the finest endodontic (root canal therapy) care in a relaxed and compassionate environment, while committed to utilizing the latest advancements and innovations of science.  Her goal is to save natural teeth, to relieve dental pain, and to prevent expensive and time-consuming extractions and implants.  Dr. Young provides the highest standard of professional care in a clean, meticulous, comfortable environment.  She is a specialist member of the American Association of Endodontists.  Her practice strives to exceed patient expectations and ensure that the experience is a positive one.  She works very closely with your restorative dentist to ensure that you fully understand the treatment plans and receive the best care possible.  She believes it is important to truly listen to a patient’s  concerns and to answer questions which enables her to put the patient at ease. 

WHAT SETS HER APART: Dr. Young is a microscopically and surgically skilled Endodontist.  She firmly believes in investing in the most advanced equipment and treatment techniques for her practice in order to provide the highest level of care for our patients. Root canal therapy procedures exist in a microscopic world where length and width are measured in millimeters  (1 mm = 0.039 inch).  To work in microscopic environments, precision skill and technology are crucial and what sets her apart. She offers state-of-the-art equipment with the “latest and greatest” treatment and technology.  The tools that she utilizes to achieve this standard of excellence are: 

1.  GentleWave® technology provides superior root canal disinfection.  Dr. Young  offers root canal disinfection with multi-sonic sound waves.  She has been an authorized GentleWave® provider more than 7 years.  Dr. Young embraces the root canal disinfection sound waves new technology because of her background as a research scientist.  She was an analytic chemical scientist prior to being a restorative dentist (4.5 years) and endodontist (20 years).  She has done research on acoustic streaming and gyroscopes chemical cleaning for NASA at Draper Laboratories in Cambridge, MA for 3 years prior to being a dentist.  The acoustic multi-sonic sound waves is the best clean for the root canal system and the best treatment for her patients.  It disinfects in spaces that one cannot see or reach with traditional root canal treatment.  The GentleWave® employs a single-use sterilized wand to deliver sound waves with fluids for maximum disinfection resulting in complete removal of the hidden bacteria within the complex tooth anatomy, with minimal discomfort.  Cleaning in all the “nooks and crannies” of the root canal system. https://gentlewave.com/   

2. We use a 3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) to aid in diagnosis and treatment.  We are the only few offices utilizing 3D imaging.  The CBCT machine is a safer, faster and more compact version of the regular CT scan machines found in hospitals and imaging centers.  The 3D CBCT helps to identify the specific diseased tooth as pain can commonly be experienced in other areas of the mouth and jaw.  With the diseased tooth identified, the 3D CBCT scan maps out the root canal system of the tooth particular tooth prior to treatment and helps us navigate the root canal system during the treatment. Just like a fingerprint or a snowflake, each tooth is as unique as the person to whom it belongs. Each patient case is different. This is what makes root canal treatments interesting, challenging, and yet rewarding.  

3. Zeiss surgical operating microscopes are used in all of my procedures, including consults. The Zeiss surgical microscope with its 3D camera and legendary lens quality brings the microscopic world into a telescopic reality. Treatment procedure can be done with ease and precision due to the enhanced and magnified image of the root canal system.  

4.  Surgically Clean Air system-3 units were installed in response to Covid-19.  


5.  Sirona Digital x-ray sensors for the highest quality digital images.

6.  Nomad Handheld x-ray unit: emits 1/3 less radiation of a standard x-ray units, and 90% less radiation by using it digitally.

7.  Adec Sterilization Center, the highest quality in sterilization center.

8.  NSK handpieces, the quietest handpieces in the market.

Dr. Young has been fortunate to have the privilege of working with many exceptional restorative dentists in the South Shore and Metro Boston area who have the patient’s best interest at heart. It is wonderful to be part of the restorative dentist’s team, helping patients achieve dental health and wellness.  It is very rewarding to help someone feel better again!

We are proud to provide unsurpassed clinical care in a compassionate and professional environment while ensuring the best patient experience possible.  Dr. Young  specializes in microscopic and microsurgical root canal treatment with state-of-the-art technology including Zeiss 3D camera microscopes, 3D CT scans, and the GentleWave® disinfection system.  By referring you to our office, your dentist has shown his/her concern that you receive the finest endodontic care possible.  Our goal is to provide unsurpassed quality in a compassionate environment of professionalism and clinical excellence.